Ever since the tide of ‘Jets must lose to Tennessee so they can ensure they can draft Marcus Mariota’ turned to ‘maybe the Jets can trade down with Philadelphia so the Eagles can take Mariota and the Jets can acquire multiple picks’ Jets fans have been hoping such a trade could happen.

According to Kristian Dyer of Metro New York if Mariota is still onboard when the Jets turn to pick at number six comes that is exactly what will happen. A league source told Dyer that although the Jets need a quarterback it would be “highly unlikely” that they would take Mariota.

“Philadelphia would make that move and pay the price. We’re talking multiple picks and a player,” the source told Dyer. “The Jets would be open to moving the pick and the Eagles have internally prepared to move up in the draft. There are contingencies in place and they know that Marcus is the perfect fit.”

While the source sounds mighty confident there are a couple of questions that pop up that could led one to doubt the certainty of this claim. For one, why the Jets at six? If Chip Kelly really wants Mariota so bad why would he risk losing him before it got to six? Wouldn’t they consider moving up higher? Wouldn’t they be concerned another team might try to outbid them to move up to six or higher? Maybe they’ve decided that they wouldn’t be willing to pay what it would take to jump higher than six and maybe they’ve already had discussions about this with the Jets and feel comfortable with the price it would cost but if Kelly really wants Mariota this seems a little risky.

Another reason to question this is that there is far too much chatter about Kelly’s desire to get Mariota. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Kelly really did covet Mariota but what is surprising is that all this information would leak out unless it’s just a bunch of people connecting dots. Kelly has used the smokescreen strategy well since he joined the NFL and it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if that’s exactly what is happening here.

But according to Dyer’s source this is not a smokescreen, instead the source said the Eagles would make that trade with “100 percent certainty.”

“The Eagles covet Marcus and rightly so. He’s a great fit for their offense,” the source told Dyer, “This could be a case where the Jets could cash in and would be willing to do so. Not quite Ricky Williams level but we’re talking multiple picks and a player.”

If the trade were to happen the Jets would likely receive a package including the Eagles first-round pick this year (number 20 overall) and next and at least a second or third-round pick either this year or next year. If a player were to be involved it would likely be quarterback Nick Foles but how that would impact the package of draft picks can’t be known until we know how much the Jets value Foles.

Jets fans that have been clamoring for Foles must realize that if Kelly is ready to move on completely from Foles, especially considering his crazy statistically rookie season, it’s probably safe to say Kelly has questions about just how good Foles can be and if Kelly questions how good Foles can be in his system, what does that say about Foles potential in a non-Chip Kelly system?

We still have a lot of time before the draft so a lot could certainly change by then, and Mariota could very well be off the board by the time the Jets pick, but this is definitely something Jets fans should keep an eye on as the draft approaches.

What do you think Jets fans, if Mariota is still there at six would you make the trade? What type of compensation would it take to make you want to make the trade? Would you even want Foles or just more picks? Or would you rather the Jets just take Mariota?

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