John Idzik called his trade for Percy Harvin a “potential coup” but he clearly didn’t factor in the possibility that he wouldn’t be the one making the decision about whether or not the Jets should keep him. With Idzik gone the trade now only looks pointless because the Jets released Harvin today.

New GM Mike Maccagnan freed up $10.5 million in cap space by releasing Harvin and depriving Idzik of the knowledge of learning if Harvin could have truly been described as a “coup.” When Idzik traded for Harvin the Jets needed another playmaker but when Maccagnan managed to swing a trade for Brandon Marshall, which became official today, Harvin and his $10.5 million cap hit were no longer needed.

With a receiving core of Marshall, Decker, Kerley and even Amaro the Jets already have a really good core and a lot of cap space tied up in receivers. Maccagnan clearly feels like he can put that $10.5 million to better use.

Maccagnan released a statement saying the Jets are keeping the door open on a possible return but unless the Jets promised that they would, at least, match any offers he receives that seems highly unlikely. Plus the Jets can’t sign him until after the draft if they want to keep that fourth-round pick and send Seattle their sixth-round pick instead.

Also announced today, not only did Marshall pass his physical and become an official member of the New York Jets but it was announced that the Jets also get the Bears seventh-round pick. So basically the Bears traded up from the seventh for a fifth-round pick and all it cost them was Brandon Marshall.

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