Cue that “Coming Home” track because Darrelle Revis is coming back home to the New York Jets. After being traded away from the Jets two years ago because of constant contract disputes Woody Johnson decided he missed Revis’ presence enough to pay the man all the money he wanted.

Revis’ two year absence played out perfectly for him, he made a boatload of money and he got himself a Super Bowl ring with the Jets most hated rival and as much as Jets fans loved him when he was here they hated him even more in New England. Yet, just like Woody Johnson, their ready to welcome number 24 back home.

Revis is still at the top of the game, reclaiming his throne as the best cornerback in the game last season, after the worst year of his career after recovering from the ACL injury in Tampa Bay, and with his motivation to continue to be the best in the game and make as much money as humanly possible there is no reason to expect his play will slip over these next few years.

Regis will now give new Jets coach Todd Bowles that number one shutdown corner with the ability to erase receivers that Rex Ryan (who has to be absolutely livid right now) loved to use so much and that Bill Belichick used to win a Super Bowl last year. The Jets are still a good bit away from winning a Super Bowl of their own but after having a gigantic mess at cornerback the last two years the current group of Revis, Buster Skrine, Dee Milliner, Dexter McDougle and Marcus Williams looks downright right amazing.

If Milliner and McDougle can stay healthy and contribute the Jets will have one of the deepest cornerback groups in recent memory and if they can’t that will be alright because they now have the horses to survive those injuries.

Jets fans should absolutely celebrate this move but it should be clear to all, if it wasn’t already, that for Revis this was all about the money. According to the Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole the Jets signed Revis to a five-year deal worth a whooping $70 million with $39 million of that fully guaranteed. $33 million of that guaranteed in the first two years.

We will have to wait for all the details of the contract to be released before looking at when the first possible date to look for his next holdout but for now celebrate. Enjoy having Revis back and we’ll cross that holdout bridge when we get to it.

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