There will be no long treks to the boonies for the Jets this summer as the team has announced they will hold training camp at their practice facilities in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Rex Ryan loved getting away for a few weeks, forcing the players to spend their nights in dorm rooms to encourage team bonding, but with the regime change the Jets were never going to return to the isolated farmland of Cortland, New York.

Cortland was always a fun and entertaining experience but by holding training camp in smack dab in the middle of northern New Jersey the training camp practices will likely draw much bigger crowds and of course allow the Jets to sell much more merchandise.

Cortland was so far removed from civilization that for most fans, if they wanted to watch training camp, they had to make a trip of it and get a hotel room for a few days. Florham Park and the surrounding areas are much more densely populated and is much more accessible for many Jets fans.

Players will have the comfort level of practicing in their own state-of-the-art practice facilities and be able to return to their families and sleep in their own beds at night. The debate about whether it’s better to get away for a few weeks or stay in the comfort of home will continue to rage on but for this year at least the Jets have chosen comfort.

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