The Jets have released quarterback Matt Simms but the story here isn’t so much that he was released, he wasn’t going to be making the final roster anyway, but that Simms knew he wouldn’t make the opening day roster so he asked to be released.

Matt Simms clearly saw the writing on the wall. The starting quarterback job is Geno Smith’s to lose, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a perfect veteran backup, the Jets drafted Bryce Petty and on top of all that Simms had to watch underrated rookie Todd Heaps outperform him in OTAs. All of this added up to equal Simms realizing that his time with the Jets was coming to a close. Simms decided instead of sticking around just to be cut towards the end of training camp he would prefer if the Jets released him now and allowed him the chance to try and join another team’s training camp with the hopes of catching on. So, Simms asked for his release and the Jets obliged. Simms’ brother, Chris, has suggested that Matt never got a fair look because of who their father, Phil Simms is. “Some of the preseason performances he had... I truly believe if his last name was not Simms, teams would be wanting him to be their backup quarterback,” Chris said earlier this month on the Boomer and Carton Show on WFAN. “Because dad and I, of course, we know are not the most soft-spoken people in the world. The NFL, as you guys know, coaches are so conservative, very right wing, want everything to be private, don’t want anybody to know their stuff. Now you get a guy like Matt Simms and now Phil Simms knows what this team is doing behind the scenes and maybe he agrees or thinks it’s stupid ... I do, I think some of that is part of the politics of the NFL.” Of course that quote is riddled with incredibly faulty logic. If anything having the last name is Simms is probably the biggest reason why he was able to stay on the Jets roster for the past three seasons. Plus if no one wants Simms to be their backup for fear of him sharing too much with his family how do you explain him being a backup with the Jets for three seasons? Simms has a ridiculously strong arm, it is very impressive, but he has absolutely no touch. That’s the reason he was never going to earn the starting job here and why he is unlikely to ever earn a starting job elsewhere.

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