Sheldon Richardson faces the media

Florham Park, NJ- Already facing a four-game suspension due to failing his second drug test, Sheldon Richardson faced the media Friday for the first time after news broke of his July 14th arrest for resisting arrest stemming from a street racing incident.

“I apologize again to my teammates…to my family, the Jets organization who are still standing behind me, I’m thankful and grateful for that,” said Richardson. “It’s a wake-up call.”

Richardson also faced questions about why he didn’t disclose his arrest to the Jets, a violation of NFL policy.

“The way I handle my business, I always handled it on my own,” Richardson said. “It just wasn’t smart. Made a bad decision in not contacting the [Jets]. I didn’t want to get in trouble.”

Regarding the mention of a strong odor of marijuana in Richardson’s car the night he was arrested, Richardson adamantly maintained that he did not use the drug and has remained clean since his failed drug test.

“I know they got some stipulations out there about me but [I’ve] been clean, still clean and whether you believe it or not that’s on you,” said Richardson.

Richardson’s arrest has brought questions on whether or not his previous suspension will be increased by the NFL but Richardson hopes that the league will wait until the pending court case is settled.

“Them [the NFL] not knowing fully what is going on before they pass judgment on me, they let the government go on ahead and let the situation blow over or [be] resolved and then pass their judgment before doing anything drastic and extending my suspension,” Richardson said.

As far as discipline from the Jets, head coach Todd Bowles said the team would wait and see how the situation plays out.

“We’re going to wait and see how it plays out. Obviously the league will be involved in that and the Missouri police department will be involved in that and then we will wait and see what our actions are,” Bowles said.

With two offseason incidents, Richardson knows that he has work to do to repair his trust with the Jets organization.

“Most definitely (I have work to do). “That’s not even a question I let them down it’s as simple as that, I’m not afraid to say that,” Richardson said.

As for how he will earn the Jets’ trust back, Richardson indicated a willingness to do whatever the team needs from him.

“That’s up to them. One day at a time. Being responsible, doing what they ask me to do. That’s pretty much what I got.”

Richardson still has the support of his teammates and Bowles who referred to Richardson as a “good guy.”

“It’s hard to say a guy is a good guy when two things like this happen but he’s a good guy. But good guys don’t always to the right things, said Bowles.

“You don’t get too many chances to turn your life around and right now he is going down a spiral and he understands or he needs to understand that he needs to turn his life around.”

One thing is clear to Richardson: He needs to clean his act up and once again he promised he would.

“I shouldn’t be in this predicament. I got to be better and I will be better.”

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