On the seventh day the Jets went heavy install. Another really strong day from Geno Smith, Quincy Enunwa made a couple of really nice catches and Antonio Allen went down with an injury that did not look good.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - It was a beautiful day at Jets camp, not too hot with a nice summer breeze, that included one beautiful pass after another from Geno Smith.

Smith followed up yesterday's practice, which had been his best day so far, with another day that was every bit as good. It certainly looks the game has slowed down for Smith, as he enters his third year in the league, he's more poised, confident, makes much better reads and continues to protect the ball as he still has yet to throw an interception.

One the first play of the day, in 11-on-11's, Smith dropped back, scanned the field a dropped a gorgeous lob right into Brandon Marshall's hands for a gain of 20 plus yards. One the very next play Smith tried to hit Eric Decker on a 15 yard comeback but as he rifled the pass right to Decker Darrelle Revis was right there to knock the pass away and give Decker a playful shove. That was Smith's worst pass of the day and it wasn't even a bad pass, Revis is just that good.

Smith went on to thread the needle with perfect placement over the middle and showed great placement with passes to the outside. Of course all this will mean nothing if it doesn't translate to his regular season performance, when the defenders will actually be trying to hit him, but it has to be encouraging for Jets fans to hear.

Marshall continues to make a handful of incredibly impressive plays per game, but he's Brandon Marshall so that should be expected, while Shaq Evans and Chris Owusu continue to get attention for how well they have played but today it was Quincy Enunwa who stood out with two phenomenal catches.

The first was a 30 yard lob pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick, it was a good through but Enunwa beat Antonio Cromartie then made a great adjustment on the ball to haul in the catch as his momentum caused him to fall backwards. A few short plays later, with the Jets now in red zone drills, Enunwa extended his arms to snatch one of Smith's beautiful passes just over Buster Skrine.

During the positional drills it was apparent today was a heavy install day. The players were running everything at half-speed, with the coaching staff keeping a careful eye to make sure all the players knew exactly what they were supposed to do and where they were supposed to go.

Towards the end of practice Antonio Allen went down with a lower leg injury. Allen was in obvious pain as soon as he hit the ground but it wasn't until he tried to get up only to go right back down that it became clear that the injury was serious. Allen was helped off the field, his right leg hanging in the air, and early indications are it could be an Achilles injury and if that's the case there's a good chance his season is over.

If Allen is forced to miss time it would likely solidify Jaiquawn Jarrett as the third safety, behind Calvin Pryor and Marcus Gilchrist, and bump Rontez Miles up a spot on the depth chart.

Practice ended with Fitzpatrick throwing a deep pass to T.J. Graham but the ball floated too softly in the air, allowing Marcus Williams, to continue his impression be camp, undercut Graham to close out practice with an interception.

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