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Damon Harrison not happy with Madden 16

Jets defensive lineman Damon Harrison weighed in on the new Madden 16 video game

FLORHAM PARK: Hey EA Sports game developers, Jets defensive lineman Damon Harrison has a bone to pick with you and this new 'Madden 16' video game of yours. 

No, it's not about the game itself. That's perfectly fine. Actually, Harrison just finished leading New York to a Super Bowl title. The Jets, quarterbacked by Geno Smith, who played the entire season because Harrison turned injuries off, beat the Seattle Seahawks. Safety Calvin Pryor earned MVP honors with two pick-sixes in New York's first 'championship' since Super Bowl III. 

See, the game itself is fine. It's Harrison's rating, according to the 6-4, 350-pound nose tackle, that has him quite displeased. 

"I need to talk to this Madden guy about my speed," Harrison joked at training camp on Monday. "I'm a whole lot faster. They've got me at a 50!" 

In his four-year NFL career, Harrison has earned the reputation as one of the game's better defensive linemen. In fact, it was just two years ago that he was ranked the fourth-best 3-4 nose tackle in the NFL by Harrison is big and strong. But fast? That's not really a word used to describe the one nicknamed 'Snacks.'

So what exactly does Harrison believe his speed should be? A 99? 

"No, man, not a 99. 72. I'd do a 72," he said. "They've got me slow man. I'm the slowest defensive lineman we have. Can't catch no one like that! (Muhammad Wilkerson) and (Sheldon Richardson), they're at like a 70, 72.

"Look, Madden guy, if you're (reading) this, you gotta get me in the 60s. I can't play with myself like that!" 

With Madden being released to the general public Tuesday, Aug. 25 at midnight, and the first official roster update still a few weeks away, Harrison took matters into his own hands. He went into the game's roster lineup, selected himself and edited his ratings to something a bit more realistic. 

After a bit of time spent breaking down his own play, Harrison finally came up with the most accurate rating system possible: 

"I'm all 99s now," he said with a smile. 

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