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Jace Amaro not yet ready to return to Jets

Jace Amaro is getting better, but not ready yet to return to Jets

FLORHAM PARK: Even Jace Amaro doesn't know exactly what's wrong with Jace Amaro's shoulder. 

Three weeks ago, Amaro was in the middle of just another training camp practice. In his mind, the second-year tight end had made strides early in camp. He was getting additional reps with the starters, being used in ways that highlighted his skillset and was ready to show the world what he could do when the Jets began to play preseason games. 

Then, during a team drill, he dropped his shoulder when executing a cut block. 

He hasn't been on the field since. 

"Honestly, I don't even know all the descriptions," Amaro said. "But it's been bothering me for three weeks now."

Since suffering his injury, trainers have been working to help get Amaro his motion and strength back. While even he didn't think it was anything serious after hitting the ground, Amaro admits the next day he could barely move his arm. There was no motion, no ability to punch. In a way, Amaro's injured shoulder was useless. 

In the 21 days since, things have improved for the former second-round pick. Amaro said he can move it "a lot better," but he's not ready to take the field. His focus is being able to help the Jets, and at his current state, as difficult as it is for him to admit, he can't do that. 

"I wanna be out there as bad as anyone else does," Amaro said. "It's been disappointing not being able to play in these preseason games. I feel like I could have had a couple good ones. 

"I was excited about getting a chance to play. I was having a good camp up until the injury. I guess this is sometimes just what happens." 

Shortly after Amaro's injury, Jets coach Todd Bowles gave his recovery a week-to-week timetable. That, according to Amaro, still stands true. There's no guarantee when he'll be able to return to the Jets lineup. Unlike some injuries where there's a set or known recovery date, Amaro's is more of a wait-and-see. Until he feels better, he won't be back. And there's no telling when that will be. 

"Right now, I just need to get the strength back. The strength I need to be able to play," Amaro said. "The biggest thing for me is being able to be effective out there blocking, and catching the ball."


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