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Brandon Marshall offers high praise for Chris Ivory, Vontae Davis

Brandon Marshall had nothing but good things to say about Chris Ivory

FLORHAM PARK: Brandon Marshall hasn't ever played fantasy football. In all likelihood  he probably never will. He never got into it when he was younger, so, at 31, he isn't into it now. 

But that didn't stop the Jets receiver from playing fantasy 'GM' after the team's practice on Thursday. The former fourth-round pick let reporters in on what his draft strategy would be if he was a fantasy buff: Yes, Brandon Marshall would draft Brandon Marshall. 

But not with the first pick:

"Chris Ivory," Marshall said with a smile. "He's one of the best running backs in the business right now."

For much of Marshall's nine-minute chat, the five-time Pro Bowler seemed to get great joy singing the praises of the Jets sixth-year back. Marshall talked about Ivory's versatility in the fact he can beat you with power, but also speed and agility. Marshall said Ivory, who rushed for 91 yards and a pair of scores in the Jets season-opening victory over the Browns, is the type of back you can "give an inch," and he'll "find a way to do something with it." 

While both Marshall and Ivory have been in the NFL for near half a decade together, the wideout admitted he really didn't know much about Ivory before being traded to the Jets. Now that Marshall is here in Florham Park, he's dumbfounded as to how Ivory is a virtual unknown to the rest of the league. 

"For us, he makes everything go. It starts with him and that offensive line," Marshall said. "I'm shocked that the world doesn't really know much about him. I didn't know much about him. I remember the Jets trading for him and I didn't get it, I didn't know what was the big deal. 

"Now I get it, now I understand it. I'm excited for him and excited for what he brings to our team." 

Ivory wasn't the only one Marshall was gushing about on Wednesday as the receiver was also quite complimentary of Colts cornerback Vontae Davis. Both Marshall and Davis spent two years together while players on the Miami Dolphins, but Marshall says that Davis, and the Davis that will take the field on Monday, are two very, very different players. 

Early in Davis' career, Marshall eluded to the fact the cornerback hadn't really turned himself onto the mental aspect of the game. Sure, he was physically and athletically gifted, but it hadn't all come together yet. Since being traded to the Colts in 2012, Davis has become a student of the game. And when you combine that, with his physical gifts, well, you get a pretty good football player, according to Marshall. 

"When Vontae's super focused, he's one of the best in the business, if not these best behind (Darrelle Revis)," Marshall said. "He's super patient now, and that wasn't the case back then. He's always been a smart guy, but now it seems he's locked in on every single play now. 

"It just seems like he's finally put it all together, and that's a scary thing for a receiver." 

With Marshall the Jets top target, and Davis the Colts top cornerback, there's a chance the two former teammates will be seeing an awful lot of each other Monday night. 

Well, actually, Marshall hopes he doesn't see much of Davis at all. 

"I'm washed up and old," Marshall said. "No one should follow me."


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