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Darrelle Revis doesn't care if DeSean Jackson plays or not

Washington hopes to get DeSean Jackson back this week but a certain Jets player couldn't care less if he plays or not.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Washington has been without their most explosive receiver all season long but they hope to get DeSean Jackson back for this week's game against the Jets. If Jackson can play it will be perfect timing, a gift from the football gods of sorts. After all what's better than getting to see if a player can backup his brash talk or get shut down and have to tuck his tail between in legs?

Jackson made some waves during the offseason when, eager to prove his confidence, he appeared to single out the top two cornerbacks in the NFL. 

"I don't think no one can guard me," Jackson said after a training camp practice. "It's how I feel about myself. I don't feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle RevisRichard Sherman - whoever you want to get."

This was mostly a harmless comment, players should always feel that way. There's nothing wrong with that attitude or that statement but the fact that he specifically called out Revis and Sherman made everyone's ears perk up. You could certainly look at him naming them as a sign of respect, estentially saying 'no one can stop me, not even these guys who are clearly the best.' But that's not how things work in sports journalism and even if it was it still puts Jackson in the unenviable position of now having to backup his bold proclamations. 

If you're going to make statements like that and specifically call out players, whether it was meant as a sign of respect or disrespect, then you better be ready to back it up because if Revis does what he does to all receivers and shuts Jackson down you can bet Jackson will be constantly reminded of his reckless boasting.

This is hardly the first time Revis has been through something like this and every time he has come out on top. Whether it was Chad JohnsonTerrell Owens or Jason Hill, receivers have talked a big game before facing Revis before but they always end up regretting it.

For Revis, it doesn't matter. It's just noise. 

When Revis was asked if he expects Jackson to play this week he gave a very direct, matter-of-fact response saying, "I don't care if he plays or not. It's about us as a team." Revis said Jackson's comments didn't bother him at all and won't impact how he plays. When he was asked what makes Jackson such a good receiver Revis kept it short and simple but complimentary.

"Everything. He's an explosive player, he makes plays."

Often times in these situations you'll hear people say you shouldn't say that because you don't want to give the other team "bulletin board" material but with Revis that doesn't matter. Revis is always fully prepared, his motivation is to shut down everyone, always. But you better believe if Revis gets the opportunity to shut Jackson down he'll take a little more joy out of reminding Jackson who it is that really can't be stopped.


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