New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will likely have surgery on Friday

Ryan Fitzpatrick will eventually need surgery on his torn thumb ligament and it could happen very soon.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Ryan Fitzpatrick will play against the Bills on Thursday night, but come Friday morning he will likely be getting surgery to repair the torn ligament in his left thumb.

When Fitzpatrick was asked, immediately after yesterday's game, about a report saying he was thinking about getting surgery the day after the Bills game he seemed shocked that that information had gotten out into the public. He danced around answering it directly but his dancing led everyone to believe the report was in fact accurate.

Prepared for that question today Fitzpatrick said the decision hasn't been made yet, but left the impression that surgery on Friday is the most likely outcome.

"I knew it," Fitzpatrick said with a grin when the first question asked was about the potential surgery. "So, the information is, I need surgery at some point, I will not be having surgery before the game on Thursday and that's about all I'll feed you for now."

He may not have intended to feed us anymore but feed us he did. We are the media and everyone complains about the media speculating until there's something they want us to speculate on and Fitzpatrick gave plenty of speculation fodder.

Fitzpatrick said he doesn't believe that there's any risk of permanent damage and that, "it's just a torn ligament that needs to be put back in place." Todd Bowles said, "There's a chance it could get damaged, but the way they have it bandaged up he's been okay with it. It's better to try and fix it now then go all season, if we can do it."

Both Bowles and Fitzpatrick made sure to say a decision hasn't been made yet, but Fitzpatrick joined Bowles in essentially saying it would be better to do it on Friday rather than waiting.

"Somebody wrote a good thing about ligaments, you'd have to ask the doctors, but I think your ligament changes over time, the longer you wait when it tears," Fitzpatrick said. "So, (it) shrivels up or shrinks, so that's what makes it a little more complicated."

That should say all you need to know about why he would want to get the surgery done as soon as possible. Now in anticipation of your next question, yes the idea of getting the surgery done on Friday is to take advantage of the extra rest days before the next game in Houston.

"Yes, it could be," Bowles said. "That would leave him a couple days to recover if he decides to get it."

Because it's surgery, and there are never any sure things with surgery, no one knows for sure if Fitzpatrick could have the surgery on Friday and then be ready to play the next game in Houston, but they certainly think it's possible.

"There is. (It's a) wait-and-see type thing," Bowles said. "If he does get it done, we have to see how he heals. They're saying he should be okay, but you don't know how those things go once you get surgery."

Even if he can't get back quite in time for the Texans game having the surgery this Friday would make it more likely that he would only have to miss one game. Whereas if he had the surgery after a Sunday game and he's not ready as soon as they expect/hope it would up the chances that he could miss two games. 

Considering he definitely needs the surgery eventually, and the longer the wait the more risk there is of complications, it sure sounds like Friday is the best, most logical option. So until we find out for sure, either late Thursday night or Friday morning, the media will be left to speculate and the early money is all coming in on a Friday surgery, even if Fitzpatrick insists he's still weighing all of his options.

"I got to read WebMD," Fitzpatrick joked. "I'm talking with the trainers and doctors and weighing all the different options."

Sure thing, Fitz. 'Friday surgery it is,' says the speculating media.  


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