Ugly Bills Beat Uglier Jets 22-17

The Bills didn't do much but it was more than enough to beat the Jets.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Rex Ryan got his revenge in the most Rex Ryan way possible. An all around ugly game where his offense was rather underwhelming but the Jets offense was simply awful. The Bills went full Rex multiple times in the game, and as you know you never want to go full Rex, but they were still able to beat the Jets. The Jets were just that bad tonight.

Ryan used up both of his challenges with over five minutes to go in the second quarter, the offense had a couple of delay of game penalties and they used up all of their timeouts with 10:46 left in the fourth quarter. All the staples of an inefficent Rex Ryan offense were on full display but the Jets, and their four turnovers, were even more inept than the Bills. 

"We didn't move the ball. The biggest thing is that we turned the ball over," Todd Bowles said. "We gave them field position. We gave them points. They got more turnovers than us. We started moving the ball more in the second half. We got in the red zone after the botched punt and we didn't make it happen."

As bad as the Jets played the Bills did everything within their power to hand the game to the Jets, including muffing a punt to give the Jets a chance to take the lead, late in the fourth quarter, on a drive starting on the Bills 13-yard-line, but despite the momentum swinging fully towards the Jets they were unable to score a touchdown as Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to hit Kellen Davis on a corner-route on fourth down but Davis never saw the ball coming after getting caught up at the line. 

Davis said he was running a corner-route and, "I got held up a little bit and the little guy jammed me on the release and me and Deck kind of bumped into each other. So, I wasn't able to get out there as fast as I wanted to." It looked like the pass was right where it was supposed to be and even with Davis getting bumped around it seemed like he might have been able to get the pass but he admitted he never saw the ball in the air until it sailed past him.

Eric Decker, who was one of the few offensive players to have a good game, took some of the blame for that play saying, "We both got caught up. He's trying to release. I probably should've given him a little more time and room to release." 

Fitzpatrick was awful tonight, completing 15 of 34 passes for 193 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. After going 5-for-17 for 90 yards, no touchdowns and a pick in the first half the Jets were trailing 12-3, thanks in large part to the interception and a Devin Smith fumble on a kick return, Fitzpatrick was able to string together two nice drives in the second half for touchdowns but a mixture of horrible play-calling and terrible execution prevented the Jets from winning a game they had no business being in. 

"There was a lot of different stuff, but I think a lot of it, just for me, I wasn't seeing things clearly, the clock was coming down fast, they were showing some different stuff, I'm sending motions and I was rushing myself mentally before the plays and I think that was our biggest issue in the first half," Fitzpatrick said. "We cleaned some stuff at half time and did a better job."

The Jets defense was pretty spectacular but their performance was overshadowed by the putrid offensive performance. The Bills had one quality drive where they went 80 yards and scored a touchdown to start the third quarter. It took the Bills seven plays to go 80 yards and score a touchdown but the rest of their offensive production was a result of sheer volume and great field position handed to them by the Jets offensive mistakes. 

"The more frustrating thing is the turnovers at the plus end of the field, giving them a short field to work with," Bowles said. "The two plays at the end, there were many plays before that could have happened in that ball game, specifically the turnovers that kind of turned the tide for them."

The lone bright spots for the Jets tonight was the play of Rontez Miles, who was all over the field and made numerous big tackles, and Muhammad Wilkerson who was an absolute terror on the Bills defense. As great as those players were tonight, DeMario Davis was equally as bad. The Jets defense as a whole was great but Davis was horrible, constantly running himself out of plays and not staying in his lanes. 

The loss drops the Jets to 5-4 as the Bills improve to 5-4 and Rex Ryan will be spending the next 10 days smiling, not giving a single damn about all the mistakes his team was somehow lucky enough to survive. 


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