No Complications with Fitzpatrick's surgery

Ryan Fitzpatrick's surgery went as expected.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - As today's practice started reporters in attendance noticed that there were only two quarterbacks, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty, out on the field, but there's no reason for the #FitzMagic crowd to panic. Todd Bowles said Ryan Fitzpatrick was at home, resting, after having succesful surgery to fix the torn ligament in his left thumb.

Fitzpatrick will rejoin the team on Wednesday, but whether or not he practices will depend on how his thumb feels on Wednesday.

"We'll see, I'm hopeful that he will be, but we have the day off tomorrow," Bowles said. "So, we'll see on Wednesday how he feels."

The surgery went according to plan, so right now Fitzpatrick is still on track to be able to play against the Texans on Sunday, but Bowles won't commit to Fitzpatrick being able to play until he sees him practice.

"It's pain progression," Bowles said. "(We'll) see if he can take snaps under center, see how he feels on Wednesday, after the medication wears off and everything, and we'll go from there." 

If, for some reason, Fitzpatrick can't practice all week then he won't play on Sunday. If he only practiced Thursday and/or Friday whether or not he will play on Sunday will depend on how Fitzpatrick looks in practice. Bowles said Fitzpatrick doesn't need to have a full week of practice in order to play but he will need to practice so Bowles can see that the after-effects of the surgery doesn't limit him in any capacity.

If Fitzpatrick doesn't practice, or suffers a set back, Bowles said they don't have to come up with some sort of contingency plan because they already have that set.

"No Geno is our backup quarterback, he'll take the reps and Bryce will take some reps," Bowles said. "So, if he (Fitzpatrick) can't play, the next man will be up."

If Smith had to start on Sunday that would undoubtedly cause many Jets fans a great deal of stress but Bowles didn't seem as concerned and continued to stick with the NFL coach mantra of next man up.

"I'm fine with him starting. He's made great progress, he's learned a lot under Ryan (Fitzpatrick), he threw the ball well in Oakland for the most part. So, if we have to play him we'll just keep on moving."


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