Watch: Fitzpatrick Talks Status for Sunday

Ryan Fitzpatrick talks about playing against his old team just 10 days after having surgery

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Just a week ago Ryan Fitzpatrick was getting ready to have surgery on his left thumb and on Sunday he will go right back to starting at quarterback as the Jets travel to Houston to take on his most recent former team. 

Fitzpatrick played his worse game of the season last Thursday night against the Bills, had surgery on Friday, rested through Tuesday, came into work on Wednesday and did some light throwing but did not practice and finally on Thursday he was back at practice in full capacity. He still has a padded brace on his left hand to cushion the area around the thumb but he was able to practice fully, with no limitations, and assuming he does get his thumb stuck in a car door or something crazy he will start on Sunday.

"I thought he did a good job. I didn't think he was any worse for wear from last week," Todd Bowles said. "He's not taking pain medicine or anything, so he had a full practice, so he'll play Sunday. Barring any setbacks, he'll play Sunday."

Fitzpatrick did everything in practice yesterday, took snaps from under center and from shotgun and showed no indications that he would be limited because of the thumb, so that's all Bowles needed to see before telling reporters he would play. 

Chan Gailey said Fitzpatrick looked, "pretty good. To be honest with you, he looked like last week. That was good." But don't get too caught up on that "he looked like last week" part because Gailey meant he looked like he looked last week in practice, not he looked like he looked last Thursday night against the Bills. Gailey just meant he looked like he could do everything he can normally do and wasn't being restricted in any type of way. 

Fitzpatrick did say he's thumb actually hurts him more now than it did before the surgery, which is likely due to the fact that his hand was cut open, and he will have to continue to deal with the pain but it's not something that should hinder his play and his teammates respect him, even more, for his willingness to tough it out.

"I think that's why so many guys respect him in the locker room because at this point everyone's banged up and you have guys that are going to milk it a little bit or may not have the grit or the thoughness to push through and he does," Brandon Marshall said. "So, we respect that and whether Geno's in there or Ryan's in there we're going to rally behind that guy."


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