Texans Out Everything Jets, Jets lose 24-17

The Texans did everything better than the Jets in 24-17 victory

HOUSTON, TX - The Jets were outclassed in every single phase of the game. The offense was a disaster, and simply no match for J.J. Watt, the defense got beat by T.J. Yates and a handful of gadget plays and Bill O'Brien absolutely outcoached Todd Bowles.

All week long Bowles talked about how they didn't need to prepare specifically for Yates, the third quarterback the Texans have used this year and had just recently signed off the street, because they prepare to face the scheme, not the quarterback. That all sounded good, and smart even, but O'Brien, wisely, flipped the script and adjusted his scheme. The Texans were able to do enough damage with DeAndre Hopkins reatedly roasting Darrelle Revis one-on-one but on top of that they went to the gadget plays with great success.

The Texans ran some Wildcat, and ran it well as the Jets defense was woefully unprepared for it, and had Cecil Shorts III, a receiver, throw a 21 yard touchdown pass to running back, Alfred Blue. After the gadget plays and Hopkins beating Revis downfield the Jets defense spent the next few drives hesitant and playing on their heels allowing the Texans to run for 123 yards and Yates to throw 241 yards completing 16 of 34 passes and two touchdowns.

On offense the Jets couldn't get anything going and that was mostly due to the destructive force of nature that is Watt. The Jets inexplicably ran the ball at Watt and left him in one-on-one matchups for far too many plays and Watt made them pay for their foolishness racking up eight tackles (all solo) with two of them being sacks and five, total, went for a loss. On top of that Watt had five quarterback hurries as he routinely had Twitter comparing Breno Giacomini to Wayne Hunter. Yes, it was that bad.

Hopkins caught five passes for 118 yards and two touchdowns and Watt was a one man wrecking crew on defense, those two players and a handful of gadget plays were all the Texans needed to beat the struggling Jets. Yet somehow, as has been the case in four of their five losses, the Jets had a shot, two shots actually, to tie the game up at the end of the game but once again they failed as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two interceptions to end the last two drives.

Fitzpatrick had another clunker, justifying the Texans decision to trade him, but between a couple of huge drops, namely from Brandon Marshall and Devin Smith, very little running game, the constant disruption that is Watt and the defense failing to stop an offense led by Yates no one can put the blame squarely on Fitzpatrick.

Yes, the Jets need better play from their quarterback (19 for 39 for 216 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions is clearly not good enough) but they need better play from every player at every position. 

The Jets had a chance to reclaim an inside track on a Wildcard spot with the Dolphins and Raiders losing today and the Bills playing the Patriots tomorrow but this loss has to make you wonder how they can expect to win anymore games this year let alone enough to make the playoffs. This Jets team, after winning four of their first five, has lost four of their last five games and are struggling to do anything well. This should be a wakeup call to Bowles that some changes need to be made.


After getting torched by Hopkins Revis left the game with a shoulder injury after unsuccessfully trying to prevent a first down. Revis made a good play and hit the runner short of the line but he went down on Revis and rolled over him for the first down and Revis left the game and didn't return. 

Nick Mangold left the game, early in the first half, with a hand injury. Wesley Johnson filled in for him for the rest of the game.


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