Revis Still Not Cleared for Meetings

Darrelle Revis is still stuck in the concussion protocol.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Todd Bowles said Darrelle Revis is "getting better everyday" but the All-Pro cornerback still has yet to pass the first stage of the concussion protocol. Everyone has been looking forward to a dreamlike matchup between Revis and Odell Beckham Jr., but it appears it will only remain a dream as Revis hasn't even been cleared to sit in team meetings let alone practice or play. 

Players in the concussion protocol don't talk to the media until they are fully cleared, but Revis' teammates continue to say he seems good and is in good spirits. For the past two weeks players have seen Revis in the morning before he goes in to see the trainers, so they've been able to talk to him on a daily basis, but everyday the trainers send him home to rest instead of letting him rejoin his teammates on the practice field.

Bowles isn't ready to rule Revis out for Sunday's matchup against the Beckham and the Giants, but with only two days of practice and four days until the actual game the sharp money is all on Revis missing the game.

Concussions are problematic for so many reasons and one of the more troubling concerns is with being able to tell the severity of each individual concussion. We've become programmed to think/expect players to sit out a week, at most, with a concussion but it's far trickier to determine a timeframe for recovery from concussions than it is a sprained knee or a broken ankle. That's why the protocol is what it is, you're in it until you're not and any prediction about recovery is nothing more than a guess.

With Revis likely out the next concern on the list is about the health of Marcus Williams. Williams got the start for Revis last week, and managed to snag his fifth interception of the season, but he wasn't able to finish the game as he left with a sprained knee. After the game Williams said he was day-to-day and he was on the field stretching with him teammates during today's practice, but he never put his helmet on and participated in practice.

Because Revis is dealing with a concussion from two weeks ago it's not hard to make the leap that him not being cleared yet means it's unlikely he'll be ready for Sunday, but with Williams tomorrow and Friday will be far more important than today. Wednesday's are usual rest days for veterans and if a player is hurt on Sunday they will usually take it easy on Wednesday. 

"He's still coming along," Bowles said about Williams. "If he can do something Thursday or Friday we'll see. There's hope, but I don't know how much. I have to see him run."

Naturally the question becomes if no Revis and no Williams, how will the Jets cover Beckham. The easy answer is it shouldn't change much because the Jets should be rolling coverage over to Beckham regardless. Sure, if you have a healthy Revis you can get away with matching them up one-on-one, but the Giants have no other receivers that scare you so teams are much better off giving safety help over the top and leaving the rest of the receiving targets in one-on-one coverage.


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