Will the New York Jets bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammad Wilkerson?

Will, and should, the Jets bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammad Wilkerson next year?

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Yes, we know the Jets are 8-5 with a very real shot at the playoffs. This video is not meant to skip past all of that and move on to prepare like the offseason is already under way but with the way Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammad Wilkerson have been playing it would seem silly not to talk about whether or not they will, and should, bring either or both of them back next year.

Both players contracts are up at the end of the season will turn 34 next year in what would be his 12th season in the league. He certainly won't break the bank (or tie up too much of the Jets cap space), but if he continues playing like he has the past three weeks he will most certainly be due for a raise on his next contract.

Wilkerson, however, won't be cheap. Like Fitzpatrick, Wilkerson is playing the best football of his career. Unlike Fitzpatrick, Wilkerson has been great his entire career and will, and deserves to, get paid and paid handsomely. The Jets have the option of sticking the franchise tag on Wilkerson, signing him to a long-term agreement, trading him or simply letting him go somewhere else and using the money he would cost to upgrade other areas on the team.

Wherever you fall on the debate of what to do with Wilkerson we should all be able to find common ground on this one thing, the Jets simply can not let him go and get nothing but cap space in return. You can not let a player on his caliber, who turns 27 next October, go for nothing. 

In the video above Chis Nimbley and Connor Hughes discuss what they think the Jets will do, and what they should do, when it come to bringing these two players back or not.


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