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The New York Jets hired Brant Boyer as their new special teams coach

The Jets hired Brant Boyer to be their new special teams coach and there's no way to know what to think about the hire

The fifth times the charm. Right, that's how the saying goes?

For the fifth time in five years the Jets have a different special teams coach. The team has struggled to find the right replacement for Mike Westhoff and Todd Bowles thinks/hopes he got the right guy this time with Brant Boyer.

The Jets special teams was a disaster last year and it would be disingenuous to put all the blame on former special teams coach Bobby April but when you miss the playoffs by one game and your special teams unit cost you a couple of games a change has to be made. But with this hire comes an awful lot of uncertainty and while some will try to paint this as a terrible hire while others will look for the positive there's really just no way to have any idea. We're all just going to have to wait and see and learn if it was a good or bad hire together.

The uncertainty about this hire goes above and beyond the usually uncertainty of not knowing how any coach will do with a new team. There's always so many other things that come into play to determine if a coach is having a successful season besides just his ability to coach, but much like with the Bowles hire last season there's just simply no way to know for sure because he has never been the sole man in charge for any one part of the team.

Boyer spent the last four seasons as the assistant special teams coach with the Indianapolis Colts and he obviously had some impressive recommendations on his resume but this is the first time in his NFL career that he will be the taking on the full responsibility for the special teams unit. Boyer does, however, have plenty of expirence playing on special team units and Bowles witnessed that with his own eyes.

Boyer played in the NFL for 10-years where he excelled on special teams, for three of those years (2001-2003) Boyer played for the Cleveland Browns who just so happened to have a young Todd Bowles as the secondary coach.

So, Bowles obviously has an understanding of the type of person and coach Boyer could potentially be and he thinks highly enough of him to bring him in to fix the Jets special teams woes. We will all just have to wait to find out if Bowles was right, at least until the second or third week of the season when the Jets give up a punt return or shank a punt and Jets Nation collectively decides Boyer should be fired.


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