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The New York Jets need to do whatever it takes to sign Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller this offseason

Von Miller was the Super Bowl MVP last night and as an unrestricted free agent he will have plenty of teams trying to pay him handsomely. The Jets need to be one of those teams.

I'm just going to go ahead and assume everyone that was watching the Super Bowl last night was thinking the same exact thing, give Von Miller all the damn money. All of it.

Give him every last cent of available salary cap space, cut half the team just to give him more money. Woody Johnson needs to fund the man a Super PAC. Jets fans should have already set up a Kickstarter fund to pay him on the side to convince him to come here. Just put something on it, can you put something on it?

Whatever it takes, just get that pass rushing, quarterback crushing, crowd shushing beast in Green and White. Blank check, Scrooge McDuck pool, lifetime suuplies of whatever he wants, just get it done. 

Of course this isn't a reaction based solely off of last night's game (where he had six total tackles, five solo, two and a half sacks and two forced fumbles), Miller was just as dominate in the AFC Championship game against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Miller has been a devastating pass rusher with the ability to destroy an offense his entire career. As long as he's healthy, and not suspended, he is the exact player the Jets need to turn their defense from a good defense to an elite and suffocating defense.

The beauty of the Broncos defense is that they are much more than Miller and 10 other guys, they have a great secondary, other really good linebackers and some big guys up front with speed that can also get after the quarterback. DeMarcus WareDerek Wolfe and Malik Jackson can wreck havoc on offensive linemen all on their own but it's the timing and superhero like speed of Miller that continually destroys offensive game plans.

If the Jets were somehow able to land Miller he would transition into a very similar situation. Regardless of what happens with Muhammad Wilkerson and Damon Harrison this offseason the Jets will still have Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson upfront, Darrelle RevisBuster Skrine and Marcus Williams at corner with Calvin Pryor and Marcus Gilchrist at safety and Lorenzo Mauldin on the opposite side of Miller. Sure they'd still need to get an inside linebacker with coverage skills, someone like Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame if he's still onboard at 20 in the draft, but if the Jets were able to land Miller he could be enough to turn the Jets defense into what the Broncos defense was this season. With a defense that good the Jets would certainly have an offense good enough to win next year's Super Bowl.

Miller is an unrestricted free agent but the Broncos can, and will almost certainly place the franchise tag on him, so maybe Woody Johnson needs to pay off John Elway and the Bowlen family. Buy all of Colorado and anoint Elway the King of Colorado in exchange for Miller's services. Rules be damned, just figure out a way to get Miller in Green and White and start dreaming about watching the Jets hoist that Lombardi Trophy next year.

(Editor's note: This post was written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, with insane levels of hyperbole. I know that most of what I said isn't allowed and can't happen. But seriously, who cares? Just give him all the damn money and start giving it to him today.)


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