Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians slammed the Miami Dolphins for not hiring now New York Jets coach Todd Bowles

Bruce Arians is never shy about expressing his love and respect for Todd Bowles but today he took a detour to also slam the Dolphins.

Forget 40 times, gauntlet drills and who can bench 225 pounds the most times, Bruce Arians press conferences are what the NFL combine should be all about. Jets fans are used to entertaining coaches after the whole Rex Ryan expirence but as boastful as Rex was he was always shy about criticizing other teams, players and coaches. If you've ever heard or read a Arians quote you already know he has no such issues.

Arians has talked glowingly about Jets head coach numerous times before, the two have know each other since their days at Temple Arians was a coach and Bowles was a player at the time, but today at the combine Arians said he knew way back then, 30 years ago, that Bowles would one day be a great coach. 

"Ever since Temple, whatever that was, 30-some years ago, watching him grow as a coach, it was fun," Arians said per "It really was. And then to be able to have him on the staff and do what he did, all you need is an opportunity. Brilliant young man, and he's a great teacher. It's not what you know, it's can you teach it? And he can teach it."

Bowles went on to work under Arians as the defensive coordinator for the Cardinals before being hired by the Jets, so clearly it's no surprise that Arians would continue to praise Bowles but as he talked about his affinity for Bowles he took an unsolicited shot at the Miami Dolphins.

"Miami screwed up a long time ago," Arians said. "He should have been head coach there (Miami) when he was interim coach."

Arians is, of course, referring to the end of the 2011 season when Bowles took over as interim head coach for the Dolphins for the last three games of the season, going 2-1 in those games. The Dolphins elected to go in a different direction, which clearly didn't work out for them, and Arians is never shy about calling out others and bless his soul for that. 

Since the Dolphins didn't give Bowles the job he eventually found his way to Arians and helped command one of the best defenses in the NFL before the Jets took notice and hired him to be his head coach. So basically Arians is telling Jets fans they have a great coach who will go on to do great things and be thankful that team in your division from Miami wasn't smart enough to recognize a great coach in their own building.

How much better can a quote get for Jets fans?


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