The NFL's salary cap jumps up to $155.27 million, sees almost $12 million increase

The NFL's salary cap increases by almost $12 million, so how much money do the Jets have to spend now?

Every NFL team just got an almost $12 million allowance to tack onto their salary caps. The cap was $143.3 million last year but has been officially increased to $155.27 million. This is great news, though not unexpected news, for the Jets, and every other team of course, as they are working to create more money to spend this offseason. 

With this increase and the release of Antonio Cromartie the Jets now have just over $23 million that they can use towards signing a couple of free agents from other teams and re-signing their own free agents such as Ryan FitzpatrickMuhammad WilkersonDamon Harrison and others. 

Of course in order to sign everyone the Jets would like to sign they will still have to make a handful of moves to free up even more money, but getting an extra, almost, $12 million is a great place to start and that alone could be enough to get Wilkerson or Harrison back under this year's cap.

The Jets will certainly make more cost-saving moves like they did with Cromartie in the coming weeks and the big names to watch for are, Breno GiacominiJeremy KerleyJeff Cumberland and a possible pay cut/restructuring of D'Brickashaw Ferguson's contract. 

By releasing Giacomini, Kerley and Cumberland the Jets would free up about an extra $7.5 million and they could potentially free up close to another $7 million by cutting Ferguson's $14 million cap hit in half, by of course giving him a little more money on the back end. There's a handful of other moves the Jets could make as well but these are the big cost-saving moves and with a fairly weak free agent class about to hit the market the Jets can focus on bringing their players back and finding some relative bargains in the market to address their other needs. 

We've been through this before when Mike Tannenbaum was the Jets GM, so it really shouldn't be a surprise that an offseason of media talking about how the Jets have no money has once again turned into, 'oh hey, look. The Jets actually do have some money.' Now fans just have to hope Mike Maccagnan is much smarter about how he spends that money than Tannenbaum every was.


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