Running back Chris Ivory has agreed to a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jets have officially lost their lead running back to Jacksonville

Former Jets GM John Idzik was run out of town more for the moves he didn't make than the moves he did make, but one of the few moves he made which was universally approved is now off to join Idzik in Jacksonville. Idzik traded a fourth-round pick to the Saints to get Chris Ivory to the Jets but with limited cap space the Jets had little hope of ever retaining him and the Jags — and their $90 million in available cap space — were waiting for him with open checkbooks. 

The Jets will miss the healthy version of Ivory, his underrated speed and shiftiness and his overpowering running style of running over and through defenders but they won't miss the assortment of injuries that come with said running style. The won't miss wondering if the week of rest between games would be enough to get him right for the next game or if Ivory would tweak something at any given moment that would suddenly make him an ineffective back.

Ivory was able to rush for 1,070 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games last season but it felt like three quarters of that production came in the first quarter of the season as Ivory started off the season on a tear before sputtering to the finish line. This is an excellent move for the Jags because they can easily afford him and they can pair him with T.J. Yeldon to form an impressive backfield pairing to compliment their receiver pairing. 

The Jets knew that they weren't going to be able to keep Ivory but that doesn't make the job of replacing him any easier. They still need to figure out if they'll retain the services of Bilal Powell — hint: they should — but at this point he might seek out more money and a chance at a bigger role elsewhere as well. The Jets could sign a veteran back like Alfred Morris for a reasonable price but in all likelihood their best bet at getting their next lead back will come in the draft. It's unlikely that Ezekiel Elliott will still be available when the Jets pick at 20 but Louisiana Tech's Kenneth Dixon and Utah's Devontae Booker are two names to watch in the middle rounds.


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