New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan will keep his free agent focus on value

With free agency set start at 4 pm EST today, how will Mike Maccagnan approach free agency this year?

As great as it was for Mike Maccagnan to win the Executive of the Year award last year this was always going to be the year we started to get a better feel of what kind of GM Maccagnan will be. Maccagnan did a great job last year but it wasn't a particularly hard job and aside from the two trades he pulled off the rest of the moves were moves most people would've made. But let's not take credit away from him for those trades, we'll just have to see if he can do it again.

Last year Maccagnan had a few dumptrucks worth of money to work with and a mandate to spend that money, this year the Jets don't have nearly the same type of cap space to work with and we're going to see what Maccagnan thinks "value" really is in the NFL. Since Maccagnan was hired he has spoken about the importance of value, exploiting it, maximizing it and getting the best possible return on value. That's what he's going to have to do this year because the Jets just don't have the cap space to spend recklessly.

We're seeing Maccagnan's emphasis on value with how he is handling the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation right now. Maccagnan has a value set on Fitzpatrick and he's willing to let Fitzpatrick and his agent shop around for a better deal but he's not going to pay a 33-year-old — career journeyman — quarterback above value just because he's a quarterback even if that quarterback just had a career year here. 

Fans are never patient this time of year, they always want their team to make multiple signings on the first day but this year you can either be patient as Maccagnan searches for value or you can stress yourself out because Maccagnan might set his sights on a couple of early targets but most of the free agent acquisitions will be value signings after the big names have started to sign elsewhere.


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