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The New York Jets are reportedly interested in signing running back Matt Forte

The Jets are reportedly interested in signing former Bears running back Matt Forte

The Jets have lost Chris Ivory to the Jags but if they get their first reported target to replace Ivory they will have found an upgrade. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Netwok the Jets and the Dolphins are both interested in signing Matt Forte.

Forte, of course, won't be cheap. Ivory got around $6 million per year, Doug Martin just signed a five-year $35 million contract to stay with the Bucs and former Dolphins running back is waiting to see similar numbers once he signs. Rapoport says Forte's market will heat up once the other running backs sign which means Miller is the only one left. The drop off between those four backs and the rest of the free agent pool is steep. 

It will be interesting to see what kind of contract Forte gets — with whoever signs him — because he is the best all around back in this year's free agenc class but he is 30-years-old and no one should have to explain why teams hesitate to sign 30-year-old running backs anymore.

Forgetting the cost for a second Forte would be an upgrade over Ivory and is probably even more effective in the passing game, which Chan Gailey should love, than as a runner but he's still a very effective runner. It's just a matter of how much tread is left on those tires and the fact that the Jets aren't in the position to just forget about the money, not even for a second.

Rapoport only mentioned the Jets and Dolphins in his tweet but there will be other teams that call his agent especially the ones that miss out of Miller. If it does come down to a straight up bidding war, with highest bidder winning, between the Jets and the Dolphins the Dolphins could make sure they won that war if they felt so inclined.


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