The New York Jets might be interested in Colin Kaepernick

The Jets are one of three teams reportedly interested in Colin Kaepernick

Are the Jets kind of/sort of/maybe interested in Colin Kaepernick? Multiple reports have the Jets, Browns and the Broncos all talking to the 49ers about trading for Kaepernick, but the reports all say the Browns and Broncos are showing much more interest than the Jets.

It's hard to know if the Jets interest is even real, is Kaepernick's agent tossing the Jets name into the mix to create more demand? Are the Jets faking interest to try and scare Ryan Fitzpatrick to just taking their offer already? Both of these possibilities are likely, what still seems unlikely is the Jets actually trading for Kaepernick. The 49ers are reportedly looking for a second-round draft pick in return and maybe the Browns and Broncos would be willing to offer them that but that goes against everything Mike Maccagnan is about. Maccagnan values draft picks too much and there's too many question marks and holes in Kaepernick's game that need to be reworked to think Maccagnan would give up a second-round pick.

Kaepernick has a base salary of $11.9 million next year and a $14.5 million base salary in 2017, that's a hefty price tag to pay for someone you're not sold on. The Jets still have their offer for Fitzpatrick out on the table but Fitzpatrick wants more. Maccagnan doesn't seem fazed by the thought of potentially losing Fitzpatrick and he also doesn't seem like he's panicking about how to replace him. Maccagnan has set his terms and he doesn't appear to be budging, this strategy will win far more than it'll lose. By not budging Maccagnan works from the power position, if he really wants Fitzpatrick or Kaepernick he can get them but it doesn't appear he's hard pressed for either.

If the Broncos end up with Kaepernick Fitzpatrick will be left with the Rams, Browns and Jets as the only places he could end up the starter and while the Jets aren't budging on their offer they are telling Fitzpatrick he would be there starter. It appears we should have news on where Kaepernick ends up relatively soon and once that domino falls we will have a better idea of what Fitzpatrick's options are. 

We will be sure to keep you updated as the news role in.


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