Quarterback Robert Griffin III to visit the New York Jets today

The Jets will bring in Robert Griffin III for a visit today and now we're about to have some fun

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III will be visiting the Jets later today. This could either be a sign the Jets are ready to move on without Ryan Fitzpatrick or they could be trying to scare Fitzpatrick into coming back and accepting their original offer already.

But for the purposes of this article let's just say the Jets are serious about signing Griffin and they should be. Whatever you think about Griffin you can't realistically think he's not talented. Griffin has the talent and ability to make all the throws and be an NFL quarterback. Sure he still has a lot of work to do standing in the pocket and reading defenses but his development was derailed by injuries, coming back too soon from injuries and the arrival of a new coaching staff that wasn't interested in working with him. Griffin certainly caused his own fair share of problems in Washington but not too many young players will make progress developing by working with a coaching staff that isn't trying to work with you.

Griffin had one of the best rookie seasons ever in the NFL and if he can stay healthy and work with a offensive coordinator that will adjust the system to his ability and actually work to help Griffin improve it's not crazy to think that he could revive his career. In his career Chan Gailey has made Fitzpatrick, Kordell Stewart and Tyler Thigpen look like respectable quarterbacks, he shouldn't have too much trouble doing the same for a quarterback far more talented than those three. Plus if you factor in having Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker to throw to and a backfield of Matt ForteBilal Powell and Khiry Robinson and the Jets would seem to be an ideal fir for Griffin.

If the Jets were to sign Griffin they wouldn't be handing him the starting job, they would be bringing him in to compete and earn the starting job but if he can stay healthy there's a great chance he will eventually earn that starting job.


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