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Are the New York Jets interested in trading for Mike Glennon?

Are the Jets really interested in trading for Mike Glennon?

A couple of days ago WFAN radio host Mike Franseca said the "Jets were one of the teams" that called the Buccaneers to inquire about trading for their backup quarterback Mike Glennon. This, of course, makes sense because the entire world knows the Jets have a big fat question mark at quarterback right now, but are they really interested in Glennon? 

No one else has confirmed Franseca's quote - which seems like something that would've happened if the Jets did in fact put in a phone call to the Bucs - and with the way the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation is being played out in the media maybe this was just another case of the Jets leaking out something to apply more pressure to Fitzpatrick simply saying 'hey, we got options. Maybe not good ones but we got options, what do you have?' 

Glennon was a third-round pick in the 2013 draft out of North Carolina State and played in 13 games for the Bucs during the 2013 season - throwing for 2,608 yards, 19 touchdowns, nine interceptions and four fumbles with a 59.4 percent completion rate - and started five games in 2014 - throwing for 1,417 yards, 10 touchdowns and six interceptions with a 57.6 percent completion rate - but he was benched for Josh McCown. Then the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston with the first overall pick and now Glennon will only start for the Bucs if Winston gets hurt or in some type of off-field trouble.

So, it makes sense that teams would ask the Bucs if they would be willing to part with their backup quarterback but we in the media always make that seem easier than it is. Teams don't just want to get rid of backup quarterbacks just because they have a starter in place because, yeah sure they could improve the team elsewhere with that compensation but if something happens to the starter then they're left in scramble mode. 

With the current quarterback perdicament the Jets are facing it stands to reason that they'd have some interest in Glennon as a backup plan incase things don't work out with Fitzpatrick or Robert Griffin III but, how much interest would they have? Certainly not in exchange for a first-round pick interest which is what Francesa said the Bucs are telling the teams that call to ask.

Glennon is a look-the-part all star, at 6'6", 225, he has a big strong arm but lacks touch and consistency and doesn't move very well in the pocket. In today's NFL quarterback mobility is too often looked at as whether that quarterback can run the ball, but you don't need to be a threat to run for a bunch of yards what you need is to be able to move around and out of the pocket and Glennon has been a statue in the backfield since his days at North Carolina State.

The Jets may have some interest in Glennon if it gets to that point but they certainly won't have first-round pick interest in him and the Bucs probably won't want to come down lower than a second-round pick which would still be too rich for the Jets taste.


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