New York Jets owner Woody Johnson jumps in Ryan Fitzpatrick discussion

Woody Johnson shared his thoughts on the negotiations with Ryan Fitzpatrick

You're probably sick and tired of hearing about Ryan Fitzpatrick and whether or not he re-signs with the Jets, how could you not be? Maybe you still want him back, maybe you want him to go away but we can all agree we should stop talking about it until he actually makes a decision. Well, all of us except Woody Johnson. 

"We're speaking to Fitzy's agent, Jimmy [Sexton]. I hope we can come to an agreement," Johnson said from the owner's meeting in Boca Raton, FL. "Fitzy had the best year in his career with this coordinator, Chan [Gailey], and did well for the Jets. But the two sides have to come up with an agreement that obviously both sides are happy with."

So, what that quote means is essentially 'yes, we want Fitzy (cute use of the nickname for negotiating purposes of course), but only at a certain price. We're not about to overpay Ryan freaking Fitzpatrick.' Seriously you can feel that tone in the quote, it's no coincidence that Johnson mentioned Chan Gailey. He basically just told Fitzy that while he "did well for the Jets" he dares Fitzy to try and replicate that success without Gailey. It's the right move but the market has already told Fitzy that. No one else in the league believes he can do it without Gailey otherwise someone would've paid him.

Johnson was very careful about what he said, when first asked about his free agent quarterback Johnson decided to talk about the Jets defense and the Broncos Super Bowl victory.

"How did they win last year, at the end? Good D, baby, right?" Johnson said, )although was that 'baby' really necessary?). "You want to have that kind of defense, and I think we have the possibility. I think our defense is going to be very, very good. So you have to win where you can win. There's only X number of good quarterbacks in the league, everybody recognizes that. So we have to do what we have to do."

The Broncos defense was incredible and it was because of their defense and in spite of their old broken down quarterback that they won the Super Bowl. And since the Jets won't get one of those good quarterbacks with or without Fitzy they will need to build up the rest of the team and they'll need money to do so. But Johnson does want Fitzy back, only at the right price though.

When a reporter asked Johnson if he had a message for his dear Fitzy Johnson simply said, "Come back to the Jets." What was left unsaid was 'and take whatever we offer you because no one else is offering you that much and you need Chan Gailey just to be okay.


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