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The New York Jets have a plan B, C and D incase they aren't able to re-sign quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Todd Bowles says the Jets have contingency plans incase they aren't able to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Reporters just won't stop asking Jets decision makers about Ryan Fitzpatrick which forces us to continue talking about the free agent quarterback even though the rest of us are so sick of talking about it. Friday it was Mike Maccagnan, yesterday it was Woody Johnson and today it was Todd Bowles' turn.

"Well eventually, we're hopeful that we can get something done and we can find some middle ground, like Mike Maccagnan said," Bowles said from the NFL owners' meeting in Boca Raton Fl. "We want him back and we're going to try to sign him back. So, hopefully that's the same with them."

So, yes pretty much more of the same from Bowles. But it's interesting to hear that Maccagnan came out and seemed to throw away all the Jets leverage when talking about wanting Fitzpatrick back and Johnson also said they want him back but made sure to throw some shade at Fitzy by talking about Chan Gailey's impact and today Bowles said he wants him back too but if he doesn't come back they'll be okay without him.

"Well we have a plan B, C and D in place that we're not going to divulge right now," Bowles said. "But obviously if he decides to go somewhere else we have some plans in place that we think will be okay."

Those backup plans consist of Geno Smith and Robert Griffin III, possibly drafting a quarterback early, maybe trading for a Mike Glennon and Bryce Petty would likely be option F. Bowles told reporters that Smith and Petty would both be options to earn the starting job if Fitzpatrick doesn't return and they'd certainly let Petty compete but they still think he's at least a year away from having a realistic shot. 

Bowles said that Smith learned a lot from the broken jaw incident and really matured after the situation. This was not the first time Bowles has said this but again he reiterated that Smith came back ready to work and refused to be a disruption. 

As for Griffin, who recently visited with the Browns, Bowles said they were impressed with the former Heisman Trophy winner but essentially confirmed their only interest in him will be if Fitzpatrick doesn't re-sign.

"It was a good initial visit. You know, we had dinner with him," Bowles said. "Robert's a very bright guy, very good football historian. Obviously he understands football very well and it's something going forward, if somehow we don't happen to get Fitz, that we'll look at."


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