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Quarterback Robert Griffin III is expected to sign a deal with the Cleveland Browns today

There's one less option at quarterback for the Jets now

There goes plan B, or C, who knows? Earlier this week Todd Bowles said the Jets had plans, B, C and D in place incase Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't re-sign with them but today the Jets have to start thinking about a plan E or F.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting Robert Griffin III will sign with the Browns today.

With Robert Griffin III signing with the Browns the Jets will have one less backup option if Fitzpatrick doesn't return. We'll never know if Griffin was plan B or C, would they have preferred signing Griffin and hoped he could beat out Geno Smith, or would he have been plan C signed just incase Smith wasn't up to the task?

What we do know is Griffin will be with the Browns next year, which on one hand seems like a mistake fby Griffin because the Browns have the second overall pick in the draft and are likely to take a quarterback and, of course, they are the Cleveland Browns. But on the other hand Hue Jackson is the Browns new head coach and if anyone can get the most out of Griffin it's probably Jackson.

What this means for the Jets of course is their plan A is still to re-sign Fitzpatrick, but plan B has to be to simply roll with Smith, since the Jets never showed any real interest in Colin Kaepernick, plan C would most likely be to try to trade for a current backup like Mike Glennon and plan D would be to draft a quarterback. If the Jets were drafting in the top 10 or 15 the draft option might be higher than plan D but since they are likely to miss out on the top three quarterbacks in this year's draft they will very likely draft a quarterback later but it won't be a quarterback that can realistically help them this year.

And yes, of course Bryce Petty is on that list on backup plans somewhere but remember the Jets drafted him as a project, there's things they like about him but they feel like he needs another year before he's ready to be a starting quarterback in this league.


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