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Willie Colon still wants to play football

Willie Colon isn't ready to retire

Willie Colon still has some fight in him. Colon has always been a fighter, a tough, physical guard who was never afraid to scrap. After his season ended last year due to reoccurring knee issues most had assumed Colon would retire, even Colon himself admitted he had doubts about whether his body could withstand another year.

This happens, of course, all the time. The grind of an NFL season takes it's toll on players' bodies and once the season ends they don't want to think about going through it again, but then time passes and the urge comes calling them back. It's probably a lot like when you're extremely hungover and tell yourself your never drinking again, and then next weekend comes.

According to Daryl Slater of NJ Advance Media that urge is tugging on Colon and he "does not intend to retire." Colon is 32-years-old, he turns 33 next week, and has a history of injuries but the lure of the only thing he's ever known, playing football, appears to still be too strong for him to pass up. The problem for Colon is whether anyone is interested in signing him.

It was surprising when the Jets re-signed him last year, after playing in only six games and struggling with chronic knee pain it's hard to imagine the Jets planning to sign him. Colon still brings veteran leadership but the Jets need to get younger, especially on the offensive line.

Colon has already started the process of setting himself up for life after football by getting involved in the media circuit, which is a good thing for him because just because he wants to play more football doesn't mean anyone will be willing to pay him to do so.


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