Former New York Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland had a workout with the New England Patriots

Jeff Cumberland had a workout with the Patriots

The Jets are desperate for a tight end, the Patriots might be trying to sign all available tight ends. The Patriots already had the best tight end in the league before they traded for Martellus Bennett, they just signed Clay Harbor and now the Boston Globe is reporting the Patriots worked out Jeff Cumberland, the tight end that the tight end needy Jets decided they didn't want.

Cumberland is athletically talented but he was never able to turn that athleticism into becoming a consistent football player. We've seen Bill Belichick decide to go with heavy tight end sets before and it appears we will be seeing it again but even as a fourth tight end on the depth chart, and with Belichick coaching and Tom Brady at quarterback, Cumberland isn't likely to make much of an impact in New England.

It's possible he could be completely overlooked by opposing defenses and make a few plays here and there, we saw that throughout his time with the Jets, but when that play is needed most, or a defender notices him, is right when you can expect for him to disappear. Until Belichick somehow finds a way to have Cumberland catch a game-winning touchdown against the Jets presenting Jets fans with a real-life nightmare.


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