New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been nominated for an Emmy

Brandon Marshall has now been nominated for an Emmy

When you speak the name of Jets receiver Brandon Marshall you should now call him the Emmy nominated Brandon Marshall. It's not often, or to be more accurate ever, that a current football player would be mentioned as anything more than a member of the audience at the Emmy Awards but Marshall let the gram know that he was nominated for 'Outstanding Sports Personality - Studio Analyst.'


"This year I had two professional goals: Win a Super Bowl and win an Emmy all in the same year. We are still in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy but I am proud and humbled to announce that I am one step closer to the second," Marshall wrote. "Who could've guessed that I would be the first full time athlete and broadcaster, furthermore who could've predicted that I'd be in the same card as Jay Bilas, Al Leiter, Harold Reynolds, and Bill Ripken as 2016 Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Sports Personality?"

Marshall received this nomination, of course, for his work on Showtime's Inside the NFL as a studio analyst. Marshall does an excellent job of bringing a current player's perspective into the show and the audience gets to see his charming personality the way Jets beat reporters got to see last year. Marshall is honest, you never feel like he's not telling you his actual perspective on things, and will often offer up certain perspectives that you don't normally hear from others. Because of that and his engaging personality he is now to be referred to as only Emmy nominated Brandon Marshall, that's his name now someone get draw up the paperwork on that and make it legally binding.


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