New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was found not liable in civil assault trial

Brandon Marshall was found not liable in civil trial where he was accused of assaulting a women

A woman accused Jets receiver Brandon Marshall of punching her outside of a Manhattan night club four years ago. No criminal charges were ever brought against Marshall, the police choose not to charge him, but the victim, Christin Myles, filed civil charges against Marshall. Yesterday a jury unanimously found Marshall not liable for assault and battery on Myles.

A fight had broken out at the club, where Marshall's wife was struck in the head with a bottle and Marshall's former teammate Mike Sims-Walker was also there and was on the receiving end of a punch from Myles. Myles contends that Marshall then struck her and was seeking in excess of $75,000 plus punitive damages for suffering a black eye and lacerated eyelid.

Their was video of the incident that showed what Myles claimed was the punch but because of the grainy quality and slow frame rate it's unclear of exactly what happened. Myles claimed Marshall punched her, Marshall claimed he was simply extending his arm to gain his balance.

According to Dom Cosentino of NJ Advance Media a male juror said, "The video was grainy. There was argument [among the jurors] that he may or may not have thrown a punch. But there was no evidence that the punch is actually what injured her."

Because this was a civil trial the jury only had to find that Marshall "more likely than not" threw the punch that injured Myles but the jury deliberated for one hour and 11 minutes before finding Marshall not liable because they couldn't say that it was Matshall's punch than "more likely than not" injured Myles.

"Brandon feels no ill will toward Ms. Myles," Marshall's attorney, Harvey Steinberg said after the verdict. "He wasn't going to pay a penny. He knew he didn't do anything wrong."


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