Could the New York Jets make a move to trade up in the draft?

Will the Jets stay put and make the 20th pick in the draft? Or will they trade up or down?

We used to call former Jets GM Mike Tannebaum 'Trader Mike' because of his penchant for making trades but maybe that nickname should be handed over to the current Jets GM Mike Maccagnan. Since taking over the GM job in Florham Park Maccagnan has traded for Brandon MarshallRyan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Clady, so could he get aggressive like the old 'Trader Mike' and attempt to move up in the first round?

According to Tony Pauline of, Maccagnan already started working on making a big move and while that move didn't workout it stands to reason that Maccagnan won't stop trying to find one that will.

"Sources close to the situation tell me the New York Jets made a serious offer to the Tennessee Titans for the initial pick of the draft," Pauline reported. "Those with knowledge of the situation tell me the team was close to getting the deal done."

The Jets wouldn't have been able to match the Rams offer with draft picks, the Rams gave up a first-round pick this year (15th overall) and next year, two second-rounders and a third this year along with another third next year in exchange for the number one overall pick and a fourth and a sixth this year. The Jets meanwhile would have had to give up their fair share of draft picks as well but the deal would've also included Muhammad Wilkerson. Pauline said the Jets and Titans were getting close to a deal but once the Rams made their offer the Jets had no chance.

But this doesn't mean Maccagnan will just give up and stay put at 20. Obviously the Rams are taking a quarterback with that first pick but we still don't know which quarterback that will be. Pauline reports the Jets have their eyes on Cal quarterback Jared Goff, so if the Rams take Carson Wentz then Maccagnan still has a chance to make his move. It's been widely believed that the Browns would take a quarterback at number two, but there's been a lot of talk that they might not take one in the first and there's also the chance that the Rams draft the guy the Browns like which would once again open the door for Maccagnan.

JetsInsider has learned that there are numerous people in the Jets organization that love Goff, and there's at least one person who is intrigued by Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, but the question isn't do they love Goff, it's how much do they love Goff? And will he even be available?

One thing is certain, the Jets are absolutely willing to trade Wilkerson and at this point it seems destined to happen, but what will they get in return? Will Maccagnan be able to use Wilkerson to move up in the draft, either for a quarterback, an offensive tackle or edge rusher? Or will Maccagnan take a deal offering him more picks later in the draft, say a second and a fourth with maybe a conditional pick in next year's draft thrown in? 

We will likely have to wait until we are closer to draft night to find out, but one thing is for sure Maccagnan will continue to stay aggressive and while he isn't likely to overpay just to make a move if there's a deal he likes on the table he will not hesitate to pull the trigger.


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