The New York Jets are bringing in quarterback Brian Hoyer for a visit

The Jets are thinking about bringing in another Texans quarterback castoff

With the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick nowhere close to resolving their differences in contract talks the Jets have decided to visit with another quarterback that the Texans didn't want anymore. After all it worked out fairly well the last time they tried it.

According to the Jets will host Brian Hoyer for a visit with the team today, but because it's only Brian Hoyer we don't know if the Jets are hoping to sign him, using this as leverage against Fitzpatrick or them simply doing their due diligence just incase. Hoyer had one of the worst playoffs games we've ever seen a quarterback play last year but if the Jets do decide to sign him it's a fine decision. It's whatever. It's fine. 

Hoyer clearly isn't a savior and wouldn't have the starting job handed to him, he would have to compete with Geno SmithBryce Petty and possible a rookie quarterback if the Jets draft one. In this scenario it still seems most likely that Smith would win the competition, but the move to sign Hoyer would be to provide a quality backup incase Smith gets hurt or falters and to appease the fan base and media with the idea that they didn't just hand Smith the starting job. Smith would have to earn it and even though most inside the building would expect Smith to earn it they could at least say there was an actual competition, Smith just happened to win it.

Of course it's possible that Chan Gailey could work his magic with Hoyer the same way he did with Fitzpatrick but Smith still has a higher ceiling than Hoyer and after watching that playoff game last year amazingly Smith probably has a higher floor than Hoyer. Smith looked vastly improved under Gailey in training camp but didn't get a chance to show whether or not that would've translated into regular season success, unless Fitzpatrick smartens up and just accepts the deal he's been offered it's looking more and more likely Smith will be the opening day starter this year.

There's still an excellent chance the Jets draft a quarterback early but even if they take one in the first they would probably be better served rolling with Smith or Hoyer to open the season and bringing the rookie along slowly. There's a lot to like in all of the top three quarterbacks in this draft but all of them could use some time to sit and learn and with the way the Jets roster is constructed, unless the rookie simply pulls a Russell Wilson and outperforms everyone else, the team is better off playing someone with NFL expirence.


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