Video wrap up of the New York Jets pre draft press conference

Connor Hughes joins Chris Nimbley to talk about Mike Maccagnan's pre draft press conference

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan held his pre draft press conference today where he gave reporters a whole lot of nothing. Pre draft pressers are probably the most useless of all press conferences. This is of course understandable and by design.

Maccagnan took all sorts of questions but very few of them got anywhere near a concrete answer. He was asked about Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammad Wilkerson and said he couldn't really comment on that. Reporters asked again, and again, and we got more words but nothing close to an actual answer. Talk turned to the draft and Maccagnan expertly turned to the "I can't speak on that" it would be a "competitive disadvantage" and of course he's right it absolutely would be. 

But Maccagnan graciously listened to our questions and expertly danced around them, there were a few little nuggets he tossed our way watch the video to hear Chris Nimbley and Connor Hughes discuss them.


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