The New York Jets drafted Sam Houston State punter Lachlan Edwards

In the seventh-round the Jets added punter Lachlan Edwards

The Ryan Quigley experience is officially over. Sure, we knew he wasn't punting for the Jets this coming year, but now we know who will, most likely, be. With their first seventh-round pick on the day the Jets drafted Sam Houston State punter Lachlan Edwards.

"Yeah, I love it. I heard (Ryan) Quigley, who was your previous punter, he had signed with the Eagles, so I knew the job was open," Edwards said. "I thought that I could be a great fit. I'm relieved, I guess, and just ready to get down and get to work."

According to ESPN's Rich Cimini, Edwards has a pretty cool origin story on his punting career.

"Edwards punted and American football for the first time in 2012 while hanging out with friends in a park in Australia," Cimini wrote. "One of his professors at Ballarat University happened to be driving by. He saw him punt and put him in touch with a kicking coach. After that, they made a highlight tape and sent it to American universities. "

From there Edwards went to Sam Houston State to punt and begin his journey to the NFL.

"Sam Houston State before me had an Austrailian punter from my area," Edwards said. "Once I figured out I could punt a decent ball I got in contact with a place that sends punters and athletes over to America for college scholarships and Sam Houston State's punter was a senior and they needed another guy and they kind of knew what they were getting from Australia. It was super easy to come over, a similar climate, I guess. That's how it all came about was we'd already had a connection with Sam Houston State in Australia and they got me."

Edwards said his biggest strength as a punter is his hang time and once you watch this video he posted on Twitter you'll believe him.


"Probably my hang time. I've got a big spiral and I've got long legs, I get good hang time," Edwards said. "I've been working on my directional all offseason. They're one of my strongest points now. Probably my hang time and my leg strength overall."

Edwards is thrilled to get his shot to be an NFL punter but he won't be the only one trying to be the Jets punter next year as the Jets also signed undrafted free agent Tom Hackett from Utah after the draft.


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