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Five observations from the New York Jets rookie camp recap

The Jets finished their second day of rookie camp, read on for a full recap

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - The Jets still have one more day of rookie camp tomorrow but today was the last day for the media to observe. Rookie camp is a chance for these rookies to slowly acclimate themselves to their new team, teammates, playbooks and a new place to live. Everything they are doing in practice is basic, intro level stuff and they are only competing against other rookies or one-year players, so there's not much of substance to read into.

I'll just go through my observations of what I saw these past two days. These observations are simply that, observations from the past two days. They meaning little nothing and much closer to nothing.

1) Let's just get the big one out of the way, how did Christian Hackenberg look? He looked pretty much like the same Christian Hackenberg you saw in all of his games at Penn State. These past two days we confirmed he has a live arm, throws a beautiful spiral and threw a handful of perfect deep balls but he also made some truly terrible throws. He froze in the pocket a few times, and he did this while he couldn't be hit, but that will happen to every rookie in this situation.

Hackenberg did limit those terrible throws on day two but the good ones definitely stood out. The kid has an impressive arm, that was never in doubt, and with a year to sit and develop maybe Chan Gailey can fix the technical flaws in his game.

2) First-round pick Darron Lee didn't waste anytime showing off his speed and athleticism. He made a few impressive plays, none more impressive than rushing up the middle and as Hackenberg tried to slide up in the pocket to scramble away Lee turned and grabbed Hackenberg's jersey preventing him from going anywhere. Again with the limited time/contact and basic plays being run it's hard for anyone to really standout but the skills and traits that got Lee drafted in the first were definitely on display.

3) The CFL transplant Freddie Bishop III was the most impressive defender. He has an exceptionally quick get off of the line and great burst around the edge. He was a problem for every lineman he faced, but you can't read anything into it because he was doing it against an offensive line filled with players who either won't play meaningful snaps for a year or two or won't even make a roster. Still with his speed and the big talented line in front of him he could help the Jets pass rush.

4) Again it's just rookie camp but wide receivers Charone Peake, from Clemson, and Robby Anderson, Temple, both stood out. Peake ran crisp, clean routes and made a handful of really nice catches. The best of was on a 30 yard wobbler from quarterback Liam Nadler that was under thrown but Peake made a great mid-air adjustment to make the catch.

Anderson simply wowed with his speed. He was flying all over the field and also caught every ball within his reach. Hackenberg throw a 45 yard bomb down the sidelines that looked like it had bad overthrow written all over it, but Anderson had no problem compensating as he speed right under it and kept running leaving the defensive back trailing with no hope of stopping him. 

5) Terron Beckham, Odell Beckham Jr.'s cousin, didn't get much of a chance to showcase anything. Partly because running backs in general don't get much of a chance to standout in rookie camp, but also because Romar MorrisDominique Williams, and Roderick Davenport all got more reps than him. He could still get invited to training camp based on his pure athleticism but based on the limited reps he got maybe don't go betting large sums of money on it.


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