Jace Amaro and New York Jets coach Todd Bowles have a difference of opinion in Amaro's position

Is Jace Amaro a tight end or an H-back?

Jace Amaro considers himself a tight end, not an H-back. He acknowledged that he will occasionally lineup as an H-back in certain formations, but he said, "I view myself as a three-down tight end."

After recovering from the shoulder and back injuries that ended his season before it started last year, Amaro has been focusing on becoming an all around tight end. Three-point-stance, blocking, running routes and improving his hands.

"So it takes a lot of practice," Amaro said. "A lot of reps, catching the ball, doing the right things, getting open, and I think that's one of the things I can do extremely well."

He watched as the Jets struggled to get any production out of the tight end position last year, this year he wants to be the guy to provide that production. 

"This is a big year for me... And I know that we (the tight end group) plan on getting more involved this season," Amaro said. "I plan on getting involved a lot this season."

Amaro isn't alone with that thought, his coaches and teammates definitely want to see him get more involved this year, but Todd Bowles needs to see him play and stay healthy before he counts on that production.

"He's competing for a spot like everybody else. He's missed a year. I haven't seen seen him play yet," Bowles said. "My first year he was out so getting him back healthy, it'll be interesting to see what he does."

It will also be interesting to see how he's used. Amaro says he's a three-down tight end who will occasionally lineup as an H-back, but Bowles said the exact opposite, "He's still an H. He can play some Y (move/receiving tight end), but he's an H. I just got to see him out there healthy."

Of course there is no point of contention between the coach and H-back/tight end, it's just a minor disagreement as of now. But Bowles is the coach so what he says goes, and Amaro knows that. He also knows it will be up to him to change the coaches mind by earning the three-down tight end job.


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