New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles wants his star receiver, Brandon Marshall, to lose a little weight

Thanks to Todd Bowles, Brandon Marshall is starting a new, unappetizing, diet

Brandon Marshall has played 10 seasons in the NFL and has been one of the most productive receivers in the league during that time. One of the biggest reason for his success has been his size and strength, Marshall's game ages so well because he's never been reliant on just speed. He uses his strength and body control to create separation and make contested catches, but this year Todd Bowles wants to see some more speed from his star receiver.

Bowles told Marshall he wants him to play at below 230-pounds, Marshall said he was able to get to 230 last season, but he normally plays at around 234, 235. Four or five pounds might not sound like a lot of weight to lose for most of us, but for a highly trained athlete who goes by the moniker "Machine Marshall" losing four or five pounds isn't so simple for that particular machine.

Marshall took to Twitter to let us in on the news and show us the new, unappetizing, diet that he is starting to drop those few pounds.


"This is the face you make when Todd Bowles says 'I want you below 230 all season,'" Marshall said. "I haven't been 230, well, I got down to 230 last year but for the past five years my average has been around 234, 235. But he said, 'Brandon you were so fast in Miami. That's what I want you at."

Marshall then turned the camera to show the viewers a plate of grouper and blueberries along with his very dissatisfied face. Bowles, of course, was on the Dolphins coaching staff when Marshall was in Miami so he has first hand knowledge of just how fast Marshall was there and he wants his star receiver to add a little more speed back to his game. 

Clearly Marshall isn't thrilled about his new diet but he's listening to his coach and since Bowles told him this privately, Marshall making the news public puts the accountability squarely on him. Obviously Marshall won't be benched or anything if he fails to drop below 230, but him deciding to put this out there shows that he is going to accept his coaches challenge. If Marshall can get just a tick faster for this year it can certainly help him get much better which has to be a terrifying thought for all the unfortunate defensive backs who will face him this season.


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