Photo-John Heckman

DT Sheldon Richardson responds to his suspension on social media

After his one game suspension was announced on Thursday, Jets DT Sheldon Richardson responded on social media

Richardson was suspended for an incident last year in Missouri where he was stopped by police in his Bentley with a 12 year old relative clocked at 143 MPH. He was also found carrying a legal loaded handgun. The car also strongly smelled of marijuana although none was found.  

Richardson was arrested for the speeding violation and pled to a lesser charge that let him avoid jail. He has been waiting for months for the NFL to chime in to see if he would be punished by them. Based on his 4 game suspension last year for failing a drug test, Richardson was clearly worried the NFL would treat this incident severely.

They didn't. Just one game.

Richardson will miss the home opener against the Bengals and  based on his posts on Instagram and Twitter he was clearly happy that the punishment wasn't worse, his ordeal is over and he can move on.

Jets fans are now praying that this talented big man has finally learned his lesson and there will be no further incidents! Next time you can guarantee the punishment will be much more severe.  

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