Former Jets QB Ray Lucas doesn't think the Jets defense is elite yet.

Despite drafting and getting younger, former Jets QB Ray Lucas doesn't think the Jets have a top 5 defense.

Speaking on SNY TV's Jets Nation recently, Lucas noted that despite a big draft that included LB's Darron Lee and Jordan Jenkins and also the signing of veterans NT's Steve McLendon and Jarvis Jenkins the Jets are not yet ready to be coronated as an elite defense. Lucas noted the uncertainties that the Jets are facing going into camp as his reasoning. Photo

"I don't know if Muhammad Wilkerson will be there," said Lucas. "Also who's playing on the other side of Darrelle Revis?" 

Former Jets OT Willie Colon disagreed with Lucas saying the Jets could be a top 5 defense. 

Said Colon: "I think the Jets due to the fact they have Leonard Williams and Sheldon (Richardson) who will be ready to go and I think David Harris is going to have a Pro Bowl year." 

The Jets ranked 4th in total defense last year with only Houston, Seattle and Denver above them so to continue at that level or even surpass it would be a monumental task. 


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