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Free agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's house is for rent. Bad sign?

If you're looking for a house to rent, why not live in the same one Ryan Fitzpatrick used to rent

As you know, as everyone knows, Ryan Fitzpatrick is still a free agent and the Jets still have Geno Smith atop the depth chart at quarterback. All season long we've wondered and debated about whether or not he will return to the Jets and the debate rages on, but one thing we know is he won't be living in the same house he was last year.

According to Darryl Slater on NJ Advanced Media for the house that Fitzpatrick lived in last year is available to rent. So what does it mean? Most likely nothing. It's not like Fitzpatrick owns the house and he's not the one actually renting it. Fitzpatrick rented the house last year and he simply didn't renew his release. Maybe they didn't like the house or the area (It's in Chatham New Jersey which is a really nice town), but most likely it just means he's just as unsure about whether he will re-sign the Jets as we are. Or maybe he knows he won't.

There's no reason to read too much into this, it's not like Fitzpatrick would have a hard time finding a new house to rent if he did re-sign with the Jets. Everyone is desperately searching for clues one way or another but at this point it's clear that the only things that will convince us one way or the other is him signing a contract or the Jets playing games without him.

If Fitzpatrick doesn't sign by the start of training camp he better root hard for Smith to look absolutely terrible because at that point the only way Mike Maccagnan could be forced to flinch is by Smith looking awful or getting hurt.


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