Three observations from New York Jets training camp practice

Three observations from the Jets second training camp practice

Florham Park, NJ - Day one of Jets training camp was all about the hysteria of Ryan Fitzpatrick returning, on day two things started to get back to normal. It was a rather uneventful day, a few plays were made and a couple of players stood out, but the real fun begins tomorrow when the players put the pads on for the first time.

But for now we will focus on the three observations from today's practice.

1) Geno Smith said all the right things yesterday but more importantly he continues to do all the right things on the field as he turned in another impressive performance today. Of course it doesn't matter how great Smith looks in practice, unless Fitzpatrick gets hurt or the Jets start the season 1-5 Smith isn't going to get a chance to play with the wonderful quarterback toy collection the Jets have assembled. 

But just because Smith isn't likely to get the chance to start doesn't mean we can just ignore what we see in camp, otherwise there's no reason for reporters to be there. Fitzpatrick looked better than he did yesterday but was still rusty and honestly rust or no rust this is probably what we will continue to see throughout camp. Smith is the more talented quarterback with a much better arm so he's usually going to look better in camp, but it's the leadership and calm demeanor of Fitzpatrick that's going to hold the job for him and that will show up more on game days. 

2) Jalin Marshall continues to impress everyone. I've run out of things to say about him, he just keeps on making plays and looking like he belongs but I feel like if I talk about him anymore people will start having crazy expectations that he will be able to contribute in a big way right off the bat and as good as he has looked that isn't likely to be the case. If Marshall keeps up this level of play when the pads come on, and the preseason rolls around, he should make this roster but the expectations for his year-one contributions should be limited to as a returner on special teams and a handful of big plays in the passing game sprinkled throughout the season. It's almost important to remember that we've seen plenty of receivers show out all training camp that were never able to contribute significantly during the regular season, but again I can only report what I see on any given day and this offseason Marshall has stood out on far more days than he hasn't.

3) This observation was first mentioned by WFAN's Chris Lopresti as he pointed out that anytime the Jets offense wants to they can hit a 10-15 yard in-route to Brandon Marshall with ease. Fitzpatrick or Smith, it doesn't matter and it doesn't matter which cornerback is lined up against him. The Jets have a lot of depth at corner, even with Darrelle Revis still sidelined, but the defense really doesn't have an answer for how to stop that in-route. It's almost to the point where running that route in practice feels like a waste of time, the play works now try and find a few other plays like that.

On a side note, Brandon Marshall looks like he is in great shape. He has very noticeably slimmed down and you can really see it in the way he glides around the field. It will be interesting to see if the weight loss has a negative impact of his physical style of play but he still looks poised to have yet another big season.


Sheldon Richardson was not at practice today, he had an excused absence for "personal reasons" and he is expected to miss the next few days.


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