One big observations from the New York Jets Friday training camp practice

Jets practice got extra chippy today as Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis got into it

Florham Park, NJ - As today's practice started I watched Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis start getting a tad bit more chippy than normal during one-on-ones. These two love to compete against each other and the trash-talk is always flowing but it's always stayed friendly, until today. As I noticed the extra chippyness I simply decided, 'I'm just going to watch these two all practice.' Little did I know what a smart decision that was as tensions increased and Marshall threw a weird open-hand punch/slap/stiff arm at Revis' upper left arm/shoulder area. 

After practice Marshall said it started in one-on-ones when Revis hit Marshall in the face, "Early in one-on-ones, we had a couple of reps, we got really competitive and I beat him two times in a row, then on the third one he swung (and) hit me in the face. Ever since then it got really competitive, so that came back up in that moment and just told him 'don't ever put your hands in my face again like that' and he kind of baited me to do it (swing at him) and I did it. So, kind of went too far but there's a thin line between football and being a man. So, that's what it was."

What I saw was after every play Revis would turn and get right in Marshall's face and bump chests as they exchanged words. At the time it seemed intense but also seemed to be in good, competitive, fun. Revis was getting the better of Marshall early in practice, then Marshall beat Revis badly as Ryan Fitzpatrick hit Marshall about 30-35 yards downfield and Marshall took it in for an 80-yard touchdown. Then Marshall broke off a sharp comeback route for a 15 yard completion and he started chirping, nice and loud.

Marshall spread the trash-talk around the entire defense before coming off the field and continuing to chirp at Revis as Revis was still in on the next rep. Words were exchanged and Revis started walking towards Marshall and Marshall extended his right arm into an odd and harmless swing at Revis's upper arm before Quincy Enunwa came over, scooped Marshall up in his arms and literally carried him off the sidelines as Marshall continued to be held back and bark at Revis for a good couple of minutes. Marshall hit Revis with a scorching hot burn that had to hurt far worse than the punch/slap, we're not allowed to report exactly what was said but let's just say the picture used for this article was used for a very specific reason.

After that the whole vibe of practice changed, or maybe it was mostly that everyone else had joined me in only focusing on Marshall and Revis for the rest of practice. Things settled down and Marshall addressed the media after practice, admitting he crossed the line and that he was still angry and Revis was probably still angry — Marshall said the two didn't talk and make up yet — but insisted that it was just "football" and the two "good friends" would keep it on the field. 

This "fight" will get all the attention but there were at least four other kerfuffles before the big one. Kyle Friend was in a couple of them as was Steve McLendon and others, but for obvious reasons the Marshall-Revis dust up is all anyone cares about. 

Every year, in every teams' camps, a big fight breaks out and every time reporters try to make it into a bigger deal than it is. This is one of those times. The actual fighting part was actually far more tame than most training camp fights but the tension and anger was more severe than most camp fights. Still there's no reason to expect this to turn into anything more than it was, two all-time greats competiting with things boiling over a bit too far and that should really be where the story ends.


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