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Insider tidbits: 3 observations from the New York Jets Sunday practice

Many things happened during yesterday's practice, some interesting many more not so much. Here are the three main observations from yesterday's practice

Florham Park, NJ - Heat by itself, fine. I can handle that. Heat with the humidity as thick as a comforter drenched in swamp sweat on the other hand, that's just plain gross. But that might be just me. Regardless it was disgusting out the past two days and if you disagree you are wrong, but enough about my weather complaints (sorry, I just needed an outlet to vent real quick) let's get to the three observations from yesterday's practice.

1) On Saturday the receivers dominated the defensive backs all of practice. It started in one-on-one drills and continued throughout practice, yesterday the defensive backs got their revenge. In one-on-ones the defensive backs, Buster SkrineDee Milliner, Marcus Williams and Dexter McDougle all took turns swatting away passes and in team-drills the secondary got the better of Ryan Fitzpatrick all day including a pick-six by Skrine and a pick to end a drive as Calvin Pryor cut underneath the receiver to make a pick just inside the sideline. Fitzpatrick's best play of the day was actually on a pass that was tipped in his own end zone but it got knocked right back to him and he took off and ran for a first down.

2) Fitzpatrick did not have a good day and Christian Hackenberg didn't take any team-drill reps but both Geno Smith and Bryce Petty had good days throwing the ball and also managed to have some fun enjoying those good throws. On one throw Petty hit a wide open Jace Amaro about 25 yards up the seam and placed it perfectly so Amaro could just keep on running to the end zone. Petty celebrated this by grabbing a water bottle and running it down to Amaro, while Smith raised both his hands in celebration encouraging his teammates. A short while later Smith threw a perfect deep pass for a touchdown to Chandler Worthy then proceeded to run towards the young receiver and celebrate with him.

3) Outside linebackers got to flashing yesterday. Lorenzo Mauldin and Freddie Bishop III each had their best day of practice yesterday. They were flying off the edge, slipping inside and up the middle of the pocket, stopping running plays in the backfield and sacking all of the quarterbacks. Both players have made plays throughout camp but with little consistency, yesterday they both were consistently attacking and making play after play. 

Bonus) Matt Forte continues to progress, he only participated in individuals and went to do conditioning drills while everyone else was in team-drills, Todd Bowles still won't commit to any sort of timetable to Forte but my guess is he'll be ready for a few series against the Giants in the Snoopy Bowl.


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