The New York Jets are unlikely trading quarterback Geno Smith

Despite "soft interest" from teams shopping on the quarterback market the Jets won't be trading Geno Smith

Geno Smith's career as a New York Jet has not gone anywhere near as planned. Not for the Jets and certainly not for Smith, but his career with the Jets will, in all likelihood, last one more full season. 

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, "there is soft interest around the league in Smith." Many Jets fans will ignore this, as they are constantly reminding beat reporters that no one would ever want Smith, but there's no reason to doubt that teams would have some level of interest. It just won't be enough of an interest for the Jets to be willing to trade away their backup quarterback. 

The Jets won't risk being one hit away from having to play a backup with no NFL experience and they also, obviously, aren't so convinced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will duplicate last year's performance otherwise they wouldn't have taken so long to sign him. Sure, the Jets would take the risk and trade Smith for a second-round, maybe even a third, pick but even a fourth-round pick might not be enough to trade away a backup with obvious talent, but plenty of warts, and experience. 

With the injury to Tony Romo, many will obviously look to the Cowboys as potential trade partners but they seem excited about riding with Dak Prescott and trading for a quarterback you expect to play immediately complicates things. If the Romo injured happened in the first week of camp the Cowboys would likely be much more inclined to pursue a trade for Smith, but to bring him in now and expect him to learn their system and be ready to play in less than two weeks doesn't seem to help Smith or the Cowboys.

Jets fans continue to make their hatred of Smith known, booing his incompletions in training camp practices yet staying silent when the other three quarterbacks throw picks and booing him before he even took a snap against the Giants, but the people making the decisions on the roster clearly view Smith in a different light. No one is saying Smith will ever be a great, or even good, starting quarterback but you could certainly do far worse from a backup standpoint and Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles are well aware of this. 

So while there is undoubtedly some "soft interest" around the league in trading for Smith it remains highly unlikely the Jets actually trade him. And for those fans who refuse to believe these rumors, because 'no one could possibly want him' you'll have to wait until next offseason to be proven wrong when he inevitably signs somewhere else.


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