New York Jets quarterback Eric Decker talks about Tim Tebow's baseball career

Tim Tebow is doing baseball things and Eric Decker was asked to talk about it so he talked about it

Florham Park, NJ - Have you heard? Tim Tebow signed a minor league contract with the Mets! Do you care? I guess if you're still reading this you probably do care. 

Tebow deciding to chase his dream of becoming a professional baseball player has been a story that the media was ready to dive head first into as soon as it broke and now that he's signed with the Mets, albeit on a minor league contract, we should all send our deepest sympathies to the Mets beat writers who will have to talk about this obsessively until the end of time, at least that's what it will feel like to those writers.

You have thoughts on Tebow's potential baseball career, I have thoughts on Tebow's baseball career (mostly how I don't care about it but that's also because I don't care about baseball, no shade to those that do), but we're here for Eric Decker's thoughts on Tebow's baseball career which you can listen to, in all it's glory, in the above video.


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